Tanya Goldbeck Learning Clinic

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"Give me a fish and I will eat for a day, Teach me to fish and I will eat for a lifetime." (Shelley)
Tanya's nature is to create ideas and build and develop them to live activity. With children and adolescents, this means designing new and successful ways to enhance learning and increase productivity. She wants to show that "teaching so that learning takes place," can go on anywhere if you are willing to explore, discover, and create experiences where individuals can interact and share with others. Her leadership philosophy is the same. The challenge ---to motivate the person to be all that he/she can be.

        academic therapy
        organizational strategies
        learning style emphasis
        brain-based success strategies
        all academic areas
        study skill training
        language/learning classes
        handwriting skills
        special techniques for the learning disabled
        ADD/ADHD alternative methods of learning
        use of Hearit phonological amplification tool to
        enhance listening (and lower distractibility)
        psycho-educational assessment
        intellectual/achievement/developmental testing
        diagnosis of learning/attention deficits
        analysis of learning style
        educational plan for success
        parent/teacher recommendations
        special modifications
        identification of attention deficits
        Irlen Syndrome Screening
        family stress
        guidance counseling
        development of positive self-image
        divorce adjustment
        other mental health issues